Commercial Sponsorship

The Everest Marathon is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest marathon in the world. The start line is at the foot of Mount Everest at a height of 5184m (17,000 feet), close to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. The finish is at the Sherpa town of Namche Bazaar at 3446m (11,300 feet) and the course is a measured 42 km (26.2 miles) over rough mountain trails. It is the world’s most spectacular race and has been held sixteen times since 1987.


In total 1116 runners from 38 countries have participated in the event. Entry is limited to 75 competitors, not including a strong local entry and sometimes a British Gurkha team. The course record is 3.40.43 but most runners take twice their best marathon time.

View of Cho Oyu from Gokyo
View of Cho Oyu from Gokyo


Competitors pay for a 26 day all-inclusive package from London. They trek through the foothills for 15 days to reach the start line, camping out and allowing time for training and acclimatisation. After the race they are flown back to Kathmandu by light aircraft. The next race will be held in November 2017.


The race is organised by Bufo Ventures Ltd. which makes all the travel arrangements and coordinates the entire event.

Mountain Experience, a Kathmandu trekking agency well known for its expedition experience, will make all the logistical arrangements in Nepal including permits, guides and cooks, porters and yaks and internal flights.

Depending on numbers a team of 6 doctors is recruited to provide health and safety cover and there are also 2/3 trekking group leaders.


The race is a non-profit-making venture with all profits put into the Everest Marathon Fund, a UK registered charity (number 1005422). So far this has raised over £631,000 to support health and educational projects in rural Nepal. Most of the money has been raised by the runners themselves and many divide the amount raised, with 50% to the Everest Marathon Fund and 50% to a charity in their home country. In this way the race has also raised large sums of money for a wide range of good causes around the world.


Our aim is to secure a sponsorship agreement as soon as possible so that publicity and promotional material can be sent to the selected runners.


The race projects a very positive image. It associates with fitness and health, personal drive and achievement. The people who take part make the most of life and reach out to extend their personal limits. To the sponsor’s employees and customers, and those who witness the event through the media, the race is an inspiration.

Charitable aspect. The efforts of the runners and organisers to use the race to benefit the people of Nepal characterise the race.

The race receives exceptional media coverage over a period of more than a year until well after the event and media interest has increased with each race. Media coverage has a broad base and is international. Portfolios and DVDs of past coverage are available.

  • Television: news programmes on the BBC, ITN and regional stations in the UK and abroad.
  • Syndicated documentary: 55 minutes in 1993; 30 minutes in 1999.
  • Trans World Sport: 8 minutes broadcast in 77 countries and on 20 airlines.
  • Radio: 5 national programmes (including BBC World Service), UK and international regional news and sports programmes.
  • Newspapers: 10 major newspapers in the UK and 7 abroad; hundreds of regional and local newspapers.
  • International magazines: major sports titles, running and outdoor titles, a wide range of general interest magazines.

Coverage can be targeted by seeking runners from markets in which promotion is required. The race is an ideal showcase for some products. Industry specific coverage can be co-ordinated with the sponsor’s PR department or agency. It would also be possible to send a company employee (with suitable running experience) to compete. As places are strictly limited this would need to be done at the advertised price and in time for the selection closing date.

In conjunction with your own PR representative, a professional photographer, media contacts and PR experience from 15 previous races ensure effective PR and publicity, without spiralling costs.

The independent TV production company Dream Team Television, which made the successful films of the 1993 and 1999 races, can also provide internationally syndicated news coverage and a full documentary film for world-wide distribution.


  • provision of suitable race garments
  • banners and race numbers
  • in-house or agency PR fees
  • to provide competitors with the company’s products
  • participation of a company employee.


There are now several internet cafés in the Everest region from which reports and digital photos can be e-mailed or uploaded on specific dates. (This is more practical than using a laptop.)   For the last 3 races we have been able to post illustrated blogs on the Everest Marathon web site.

If your company is interested in exploring the idea of sponsoring the Everest Marathon, a presentation on the race can be made, to be followed by discussion of the possibilities the sponsorship offers.

If you would like further details, please contact:

Diana Penny Sherpani

Tel:  01539 532946